Who We Are

Simply put – we’re just like you. We have kids in activities like sports, dance, theatre, we have friends and family who require special care, we like to travel and we like to work hard. 

Just like you we’re navigating our way through COVID-19 and all the life changing things it’s brought along with it. 

Our company was founded after experiencing the lack of service, compassion, and understanding we expected and are determined to help those in need without breaking the bank. 

Meet Our Founders

Jeff White Owner/Managing Director

Jeff’s business background is in the automotive industry, however, he noticed a desperate need for an affordable, reliable, and open to choice option that was currently lacking in the market.

Jeff is a father, husband, minor hockey coach and an an overall believer in dedicating ones time to help and assist others. He believes in the principal of servant leadership which is leading through example not directives. 

He brings a similar attitude to health care that he evokes in the automotive world – Give people the best recommended options and all the choices on either side so that the client can make the most informed decision possible.


Amber McGlone Owner/Operations Director

Amber brings a wealth of healthcare knowledge to the team with 14 years of frontline service working directly with Albertans to optimize their health goals within the public system. Her goal to provide specific service to each unique client without causing them financial hardship aligns perfectly with the vision of WM Life Centers.

Throughout her healthcare career she has advocated for clients who can not or do not know how to navigate the system; she believes that the best medical choice for each client can only be made when informed consent provided by trusted health care providers is partnered with complete medical
autonomy. Health care is never ‘one size fits all’ so let us help you find your fit.

Faye White Owner

With a background in music, Faye has been performing as a pianist in Calgary since 2012. When the
pandemic hit in 2020, she found that there was a need in the arts scene for safe options for crowds to
gather and continue enjoying music and entertainment.

As a self-proclaimed ‘crunchy mama’ to three young children, Faye has struggled with the cookie cutter solutions that many medical professionals offer to families today. She strives to use her background in the arts to find creative solutions for health and wellness for her family and others.

Our Mission Is to Provide a Professional & Honest Approach to Health Care

Health Care Your Way

Same Day Appointments are Available.

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